By Regina Shiroma

(photo by Joey Blas)

(photo by Joey Blas)

The 3rd Heineken Beach Rugby Tournament graced the island once again with action-packed rugby. With a total of 17 teams, the Beach Bar was filled with rugby enthusiasts, old and new.

Event coordinator, Matt Sgro talks about the success of the tournament.

“Rugby is just growing so much on Guam. I think this tournament works because it caters to all ages, male, female; its co-ed and its really fun.

As one of the fastest growing sports on the island, the beach rugby touch tournament provides for an entrance into the rigorous sport.

“It’s just going to get bigger and bigger because there are a lot people who have never played rugby before. And after they play this I now see them tackling. They end up loving rugby and learning more. The best way to learn is through touch.”

“Some people get intimidated when it’s tackle and they’re not used to it, but with this type of tournament everyone has fun. They learn the game and they go out and learn the tackling aspect.

Long time rugby player and women’s national team player Tasi Ada shared her thoughts about the tournament.

(photo by Joey Blas)

(photo by Joey Blas)

“Well any rugby on the island is always good rugby. It’s always nice to see the rugby community come out and have some fun and not necessarily be completely competitive. And I just love to enjoy myself with my teammates and my friends.”

For Ada, the best part of the tournament is, “…the overall atmosphere of enjoying the beach, relaxing, and playing rugby.”

“There is some pretty good competition and it gets better every year,” said former women’s national team player, Tiffany Talada.

“Next year, either summer or a year from now, we’ll definitely have one next year, said Sgro about what to expect next year.

“Thanks to the Beach bar and Heineken, and them helping grow the sport of rugby on Guam.

5th and 6th place Game – Paradise Ninja Zombies 3, Custom Fitness Cubs 2

3rd and 4th place Game – Custom Fitness Lions 4, Untouchaballs 0
Shark Bait 4, Power Rangers 3
(photo by Joey Blas)

(photo by Joey Blas)

Despite being first time competitors in the tournament, team Shark Bait took the cup title, defeating team Power Rangers 4-3 in sudden death.

Comprised of mostly soccer players, team Shark Bait put in a team mainly to have fun and bring together a few Simon Sanchez High School alumni.

“It was just to have fun, just to play together. Then when we kept winning, that’s when we started to get serious, thinking that we might be able to win the whole thing,” said Shark Bait’s Earl Pascual.

The best part of this tournament for Pascual, “…was just getting together with alumni Sanchez players, and the fact that we won just made it better.”

First try of the championship match was scored by Shark Bait’s Matt Robes after receiving a pass. Robles ran more than half the field and scored. The Rangers answered within a few seconds scoring their first try.

Shark Bait’s Paul Alger scored the next try off a quick pass, but the Rangers quickly answered again to tie the score 2-2 at the half.

The Rangers were looking to close out the game after a penalty by Shark Bait, but Paul Alger intercepted a pass and sprinted the entire length of the field scoring the game’s last try.

“At first we were all in it just to have a goo time regardless of the outcome. After we won our semifinal match, out competitive nature kicked in and we wanted to win,” stated Alger.


2013 Beach Rugby Champions Shark Bait. (back row: Matt Robles, Earl Pascual, Luis Quichocho, Paul Alger. Front row: Goro Borja, Mariah, Asha Robles)

2013 Beach Rugby Champions Shark Bait. (back row: Matt Robles, Earl Pascual, Luis Quichocho, Paul Alger. Front row: Goro Borja, Mariah Hennegan, Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)


(photo by Asha Robles)

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