By Regina Shiroma


Chiefs’ Nate Baza tackles Lions’ Matt Borja as he passes the ball. (photo by Jesse Castro)

The semifinals of the Heineken 15’s featured the Lions and Chiefs putting all they had out on the field. The Lions came out the victors outscoring the Lions 23-5 Saturday afternoon at the UOG field.

Steven Sablan, the Lions’ scrum half, proved to be essential in the win, scoring a try, a couple of conversions and a penalty kick. Not withholding anything, the forwards menacingly clashed into each other, showing the crowd just how eager both teams wanted to win.

Under the heat of the sun and the constant rhythm of run, tackle, and ruck, Sablan played it smart and saved his team a lot of energy by kicking the ball deep down field and out of bounds.

Sablan got his team up on the board first, knocking in a penalty kick, making the score 3-0.

Right before the half, Sablan found the try zone after breaking free from a scrum from about 35 meters out. Sablan then successfully kicked the conversion.

Down at the half, the Chiefs franticly tried to get in scores, but were stopped short of the try line each time.

Lions’ Rob Leon Guerrero picked up a loose ball, shrugged off a few tackles and placed the ball down for another try.

Midway through the half, Chiefs’ Chris Sgro was able to break through the line, scoring their only try of the game.

For the final score of the game, Lions’ David Sablan weaved his way into the try zone after a penalty and the final whistle was blown.

In the other game of the day, the Ryders defeated Da Doks 47-5.




Matt Sgro & Anselmo Untalan tackling Lions’ Ronnie Blas. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Lions’ Matt Borja steals a lineout pass from The Chiefs. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Michael “Boise” Hocog tries to run against The Chiefs’ defense. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Rob Leon Guerrero looks on as Johnny Borja tries to wrap up Chiefs’ Adam Lumba. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Lions’ Rob LG & Kelvin Hocog try to bring down Chiefs’ Eddie Calvo. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Lions’ Rob LG fends Chiefs’ Ray Rabe. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Lions’ Rob LG scores the try. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Chiefs’ Rob Meier evades the defense. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Chiefs’ Matt Sgro running hard against the Lions’ defense. (photo by Jesse Castro)


Lions’ Ronnie Blas tackles Chiefs’ Matt Sgro out of play. (photo by Jesse Castro)

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