PRESS RELEASE – The 2013 Miller Football League is winding down and in true MFL fashion it will end with a bang. All season long, the teams have been weeding out the weaknesses leaving only the strong to battle it out on the field for a chance to be named Champion

The MFL/KUAM 2013 ALL-MFL TEAM STANDING has been released and this Saturday, March 16th at 2:30 pm at the UOG Field, fans have the opportunity to see the two top teams of this season duke it out. The undefeated Pepsi Warriors will face off against the defending 2012 champion Cars Plus Rams.    MFL-LOGO-2010

Throughout the entire season no one has been able to match the Warriors, while many have tried, it will be interesting to see what the Rams game plan will be going up against such a tough competitor.  The Warriors have a long list of “All Stars” on their team starting with their quarterback Danny Manibusan who has proved to be invaluable to the team and has gained him the title of Offensive MVP. He is not the only Warrior to make the cut, 23 selections from the team have been named this year’s All-MFL team. With impressive offense and defense,  hard hitters like  Stephen “Juice” Santos  the defensive MVP and defensive lineman Craig Goldsmith the Rams will have their work cut out for them if they intend to break the Warriors line.

Saturday’s game is sure to be seat jolting.  The Rams do have quite a few players who have also made the “All Star MFL” cut. Eight of their players including strong defensive line Ashton Adams defensive tackle, Davin Cepeda defesive cornerback and Drew Johnson on defensive end.  The Warriors should not underestimate what the Rams are capable of. These two teams have gone up against each other in last year’s championship game and the Rams took home the win.  If they bring the fire they had last year that will make the Rams a contender against the Warriors.

Both teams have their share of talent and All Star MFL picks.  Saturday’s game is really the best of the best MFL has to offer.  It is hard to say who will come out victorious, but the team who makes less mistakes on the field, gels together defensively and offensively while capitalizing on the mistakes of the opposing team will walk away with the Edward M. Calvo Cup.  This Saturday, MFL fan’s not only will be treated with a chance to see the two top teams do battle but an added bonus is the pre-game events. NFL 49ers will be present and will hold a free football seminar for children. The event will kick off with registration at 10 a.m. for all children interested in participating. Followed by the highly anticipated MFL Bowl kicking off at 2:30 in the afternoon.

 MFL All-Star 2013

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