By Robert Balajadia


Instagram is flooded with pictures like these, pun intended. (GSPN photo)

Instagram is flooded with pictures like these; Two cars stuck in Harmon Industrial Park.(courtesy photo)

If you have not stepped outside in the past couple of days, don’t bother, Guam is flooded. Chances are, you know all about the flash floods and have well documented how it looks through your phones. By now, all your friends and family have already Facebook tagged who they’re stuck with during the rain, Tweeted different variations of the “Rain-rain-go-away” song, and flooded Instagram with, well, flood pictures. No, not even your car is safe.

The rain induced flooding has surly ruined most people’s Friday, and more so that of the high school athletes. As of 1:19 p.m., IIAAG President Martin Boudreau texted in all caps “ALL GAMES CANCELLED FOR FRIDAY.”

Two football games in Southern vs. JFK and GW vs. Sanchez, All cross-country meets, including the undefeated FD Friars vs. Speedy John Aquino and the Islanders, and all the girls volleyball games are no longer happening Friday and will be rescheduled.

The football games will try and be moved to Saturday, which is also when the league’s only undefeated teams, in the Guam High Panthers and FD Friars, will clash for the top seed in the league.

If the rain keeps… scratch that. As I typed this sentence, I get a text from Marty again saying all Football games for the weekend are cancelled. Volleyball games are still scheduled to happen Saturday night, but info of it’s cancelation will be posted promptly.

The much anticipated game between Guam High and FD will have to wait, at least another week.

News outlets on Guam are reporting that this is record setting floods, and if you step outside you can easily see why.

Some games were cancelled Friday and Saturday for some of these simple reasons:

  • Terrible field conditions
  • Parking area flooding
  • Difficult through traffic
  • Rain. A lot of rain.

So, stay safe Guam. Remember everyone on the road is trying to get home just like you, be a smart and patient driver. Listen to the radio for traffic updates and steer clear of flooded areas as much as possible! Snuggle up and stay warm, this rain might be here for the weekend.

Here are some other flood photos around the island from your fellow Guamanians:


(courtesy photo)


(courtesy photo)


(courtesy photo)














Southern High football field. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Southern High football field. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Southern High football field. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Southern High football field. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Even trucks are having a touch time driving through the flooding. (photo by Jesse Castro)

Even trucks are having a tough time driving through the flooding. (photo by Jesse Castro)

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