By Nate San Nicolas

First overall male finisher: Derek Mandell

First overall male finisher: Derek Mandell

The atmosphere was perfect Saturday morning as 3,445 participants lit up Paseo Stadium in the 15th Annual Payless Kick the Fat 5k. Enthusiasm and zeal filled the air, and what put the icing on the cake for the event was the surprise firework show that lit up the early morning sky when gun sounded to start the race.

“We take on this event to promote a healthy lifestyle, and this event takes a lot of preparation. If I were to explain it to you, it would take a while,” said event coordinator Joy Lujan with a laugh.

“A big portion of the proceeds will go to iRecycle and just to get the support of the community together to run for a good cause and just stand for something we believe is great for the island. stated event coordinator Corina Pegarido. “We had a fair last year, but this time, it’s a little bit bigger because we have a ‘green fair’ that supports local farmers and other various organizations as well.”

First overall female finisher: Emily Cook

First overall female finisher: Emily Cook

The fair was a big crowd pleaser, but what made many of the runners stay after they crossed the line was the chance to win the grand prize of two plane tickets to the main land courtesy of Delta Airlines. Also, there were gift certificates awarded to the top three finishers of each division, just to stir up some competition along the course.

To get some Guam students involved, there was a $500 cash prize to the school that had the most participants in the race, which went narrowly to the John F. Kennedy Islanders.

Top Finishers

Despite the crowded Hagatna rode, Derek Mandell and Emily Cook never lost a beat as they took top honors finishing first in the male and female divisions. Both took home the first place honors in last week’s Bank of Guam Ifit 5k, just to show their consistency, and not to mention they are also training for the big Guam Marathon coming up.

The models of the event.

The models of the event.

Mandell finished with a time of 16 minutes 8 seconds, narrowly beating the second place finisher Christopher Magtoto, who trekked through the gate with a time of 16 minutes and 11 seconds.
“The race went really well, the fireworks in the beginning really got me in the mood to start running, and these 5k’s are just going to be fun preparations for the big race (Guam Marathon) that’s coming up,” commented Mandell on the race.

Cook showed the crowd that ladies can break the twenty minute mark as well, cruising through the finish line with a time of 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Marie Benito trailed behind not too long after Cook, breaking the twenty minute mark with a time of 19 minutes and 47 seconds.

Governor Eddie Clavo gives a motivating speech before the race.

Governor Eddie Clavo gives a motivating speech before the race.

“I knew the crowd was really big to start and there would be a fast start, so I just tried to keep my space in the beginning,” said Cook on the race, “And these races are good training to prepare me for the kick in the end of the marathon, and it’s also just a fun break from the long run. And I’d like to thank Payless for putting in on, the fireworks were great in the beginning and really motivating the crowd to run.”

It was a successful morning for the Payless community, and with the number of participants growing each year, don’t be surprised to see more feet burning through the course next year to kick the fat.


Female Division
Youth (13 yrs. & under)
– Elizabeth Quintanilla: 22.59
– Jenna Han: 24.10
– Lisa Oviedo: 24.44
Junior (14 – 19 yrs.)
– Aria Perez-Theisen: 21.02
– Bella Oueido: 22.21
– Genina Piolo Criss: 23.54
Open (20 – 29 yrs.)
– Rhea Macaluso: 20.15
– Kirsten Kennon: 22.07
– Allison Burnett: 23.11
Submaster (30 – 39 yrs.)
– Dr. Arania Adolphson: 21.38
– Marissa Peroy: 22.43
– Diane Lewis: 23.02
Master (40 – 49 yrs.)
– Marie Benito: 19.47
– Namiko Kawasaki: 21.59
– Mylene Garcia: 23.29
Senior (50 – 59 yrs.)
– Joy Advincula: 22.56
– Sonomi Sasayama: 26.02
– Caroline Sablan: 26.28

Male Division
Youth (13 yrs. & under)
– Terrance Sessoms: 20.24
– Takumi Simon: 20.31
– Kai Aricayos: 20.43
Junior (14 – 19 yrs.)
– John Aquino IV: 16.16
– Michael Murphy: 18.25
– Derek Cruz: 18.34
Open (20 – 29 yrs.)
– Christopher Magtoto: 16.11
– Kei Okubo: 16.21
– Ryan Matienzo: 18.01
Submaster (30 – 39 yrs.)
– Gabo Lombard: 18.21
– Gary Schoenhals: 18.33
– Patrick Camacho: 19.12
Master (40 – 49 yrs.)
– Matt Rucando: 19.48
– Rodney Bordallo: 19.49
– Paul Cruz: 20.22
Senior (50 – 59 yrs.)
– Mark Calvo: 19.53
– In Kwon Baik: 21.49
– Romeo Elizaga: 21.51

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