A family affair: Duenas, Manibusan collect June Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes titles. (courtesy photo)

A family affair: Duenas, Manibusan collect June Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes titles. (courtesy photo)

PRESS RELEASE – It was the uncle and nephew show as Ricky Duenas and Brandon Manibusan shared the limelight for the June hosting of the Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes held at the Central Lanes Bowling Center on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

Just when it looked like a determined Keith Guerrero was on his way to defend his Budweiser King of the Lanes monthly title, a game Ricky Duenas stole the show during the second half of the match to earn his first title of the year. Duenas bounced back from an early mishap in the third frame with a string of strikes in the back five to place the match out of reach with a convincing 212-160 victory.

The semi-final round produced two exciting matches as top seed Greg Borja fell victim to 10th seed eventual champion and Uncle Ricky Duenas 204-199. Behind through most of the game, Duenas used a turkey in the wading frames to force Borja to double in the final stanza. A pin ten stared Borja in the face that catapulted Duenas into the finals.

The second and third seed match went down to the wire as a see saw battle between Jay Leon Guerrero and Keith Guerrero ended in a 203 tie in regulation. However, the younger foe doubled in the extra frames to advance to the finals with a 49-38 pin count.

Borja led all King of the Lanes qualifiers with a 1294 total followed by Jay Leon Guerrero 1269, Keith Guerrero 1232, JD Castro 1143, Teliann San Nicolas 1140, Manny Tagle 1117, Duane Camacho 1115, Benny Budano 1106, Steven Esplana 1097 and Ricky Duenas 1080 capped off the top ten who proceeded to the elimination rounds.

The Prince of the Lanes finals match up went neck and neck producing four lead changes through seven frames. Just when it seemed like Edward Sabedra had the game under control leading by 13 pins after six frames, he found himself down by one pin as Brandon Manibusan doubled in the 7th and 8th frame. With a nine pin handicap advantage going into the final stanza, Manibusan struck in the tenth to seal the match as Sabedra left a pin 8 to end the game 163+38 to 164+29.

Manibusan used his handicap advantage to out pin 2nd seed Jared Gutierrez 158+38 to 161+28 and advance to the monthly finals while top seed Paul Kaneshiro fell victim to Sabedra after failing to punch out in the tenth frame with a 164+29 to 138+26 set.

Kaneshiro topped all Prince qualifiers with a 1274 total on 156 pins of handicap followed by Jared Gutierrez 1232 (150 handicap), Brandon Manibusan 1190 (228), Arlene Taitague 1184 (108), Cesar Villanueva 1179 (210), Becky Meadows 1164 (306), Edward Sabedra 1164 (174), Jeremiah Camacho 1159 (156), Albert Pingul 1142 (78) and Rick Ada Jr. 1142 (120) all proceeded to the elimination rounds.

The next Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes will be held on Sunday, July 14 at 11:00 a.m.

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