By Patrick Lujan

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and Guam's Jon Tuck wrap up the hard part of preparing for UFC 164 in Glendale, Arizona. (photo courtesy of Jon Tuck)

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and Guam’s Jon Tuck wrap up the hard part of preparing for UFC 164 in Glendale, Arizona. (photo courtesy of Jon Tuck)

UFC lighweight champion Benson Henderson wrapped up his intense training heading into his title defense against Anthony Pettis this upcoming weekend in UFC 164.

One of his top training partners in this camp is none other than Guam’s Jon Tuck, who has been training with Henderson throughout the year at The MMA Lab in Glendale, Arizona.

According to Tuck, all the high-impact physical portion of the champion’s training camp ended over the weekend and now its time for recovery and weight-cutting down to 155-lbs. for the fight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It will be a huge rematch for Henderson (19-2), who lost to Pettis in the WEC before it closed down in December 2010. That fight is well known for ‘The Cage Kick’ by Pettis late in the fifth round. Henderson hung on but would lose by decision.

Tuck has made the move to Glendale to make The MMA Lab his home for the time being, becoming a close friend and top training partner with the UFC champ. He will be going along with Henderson’s team to Milwaukee this week to continue the preparation for the fight. Tuck will also be cutting weight along with ‘Smooth’ Henderson because he says it will help the champ get through the weight loss easier if someone is there doing it alongside – and it’s part of the MMA teamwork.

Also on the UFC 164 undercard is former PXC middleweight champion Hyun Gyu Lim as well as Ryan Couture, who has a close split decision victory over Guam’s Joe Duarte in a July 2012 Strikeforce fight.

Tuck was recently on island and attended PXC 38 before going back to Arizona to jump back into the Henderson camp.

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