UOG-GSPN-Banner-300x300-2014With his Guiness Book of World Records already in hand since July, Eddie ‘Barefoot Bandito’ Vega vowed to keep pushing to double that.

Today, he crossed the finish line for his 100th barefoot marathon of the year in the Houston Running Festival.

His 2620 barefoot miles is more than 1000 miles more than the distance between Guam and Tokyo.

“It’s been a record breaking year, one that I hope I never have to repeat, as long as I don’t have to defend my Guinness World Record,” Vega commented on his Facebook page. “Thank you Guam Sports Network (GSPN) for following me since day one and for publicizing every milestone along the way. Most of all, thank you to all my donors whose generosity has allowed me to raise nearly $12,000 for Soles4Souls.”

As promised, Vega crossed the finish line with a Guam flag in hand.

You can read all about the Barefoot Bandito’s journey here.

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