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By Robert Balajadia

The Southern Dolphins girls softball team’s quest for a five-peat got underway Saturday morning by beating the Sanchez Sharks 15-2 via 10-run mercy rule on a perfect sunny morning.

Though the game moved at a slow pace, Dolphins’ Brielle Meno was just happy to get out on the field.

“It feels good to start the season, it’s been a while since we all played. It just felt good to get out there. The games that were canceled were a bummer since we’ve been practicing for so long,” said Meno.

First game jitters along with rust seemed to affect the Sharks from the go. The first inning was a tough one for Sharks pitcher Monica Mendiola who walked the first eight Dolphins batters while giving up eight runs in the opening inning.

Southern nearly got through their full batting rotation and some while Dolphins’ pitcher Elyze Pocaigue allowed no runs through three innings.

The Dolphins captured a double-digit lead off an errant pitch that brought in Leona King with Momilani Cruz and Meno adding two more runs to go up 12-0.

Sanchez needed to score four runs in the bottom of the fifth inning for the game to continue, but the Dolphins closed out the fifth by striking out all three Shark batters to end the game.

“We’re all rusty right now and we’re just trying to get in tune. In order for us to get this five-peat we’re going to have to work a lot harder because teams will be coming out to get us,” said Meno on starting off the season strong.

With a portion of the season already missed due to rain, the coaches and IIAAG President Martin Boudreau to discuss how to approach the rest of the season.

Other Scores

GW 7, Academy 6



Dolphins Brielle Meno gets the green light to run home to extend the lead 12-0 in the third inning. (GSPN photo)


Dolphins Liberty Tallaje tries to locate the ball but miss times her swing. (GSPN photo)


Sharks’ Monica Mendiola had a rough morning allowing eight runs in the first inning. (GSPN photo)


Dolphins’ Mary Jo Mafnas gets truck out by Sharks Monica Mendiola. (GSPN photo)

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