PRESS RELEASE – Professional triathlete Charlie Epperson placed first overall at the 2014 XTERRA Tsali Off-road Triathlon in Bryson City, North Carolina on June 1’st. Epperson finished with a time of 1 hour 25 minutes and 37 seconds and earned his first XTERRA off-road triathlon victory as a professional. He recently won the XTERRA Oak Mountain trail run 20k in Alabama on May 19.  Epperson is sponsored by Community First Guam Federal Credit Union.

XTERRA Tsali consisted of a half mile swim, five mile run and 10 mile mountain bike section. Epperson exited the swim section a minute behind the lead pack but was able to catch up during the run section. By the end of the run, Epperson had built a large lead and was able to maintain the distance through the final mountain bike section for the victory.

“Very proud to say I found the finish line at XTERRA Tsali just ahead of the pack. Great race with almost perfect conditions; calm swim, twisting rolling trails on the run and bike,” said Epperson. “But, I’m more proud that my success racing is a reflection of what we are doing in Guam in terms of the level of competition and the athletic programs that exists within the running, triathlon, and cycling communities. I’m lucky to have solid training partners (Cameron O’Neal, Derek Mandell and Mieko Carey) that are often times my competition to help prepare me to race well when I do venture off island.”

Epperson will race again at XTERRA Knoxville in Tennessee on June 7, followed by the 2014 USAT Off-road National Championship/ XTERRA East Championship in Richmond, Virginia on June 15. He will return to Guam to compete in the 2014 Pacific Islands Triathlon & Cycling Championships on June 22.

“Big thanks to Community First Credit Guam Federal Credit Union and Hornet Sports for their sponsorships that allow me to travel and race. Of course, I owe a lot to the U.S. Coast Guard and all those back dealing with the work while I pursue racing. Lastly, thanks to Dr. Horinouchi’s Wellness Clinic and my girlfriend Elaine Kwok for setting my nutrition and general health in order that has allowed me to race hard into my late 30s. I’m extremely thankful to have a team that oversees my health including Dr. Placido Nicdao at Agana Chiropractic,” Epperson added.

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