PRESS RELEASE – I am pleased to announce this year’s Shieh Su Ying Scholar Athletes Finalists – they will now compete for the Male and Female Scholar Athletes of the Year 2014. Winner will receive $2000 scholarship each. All Finalists will each receive the latest generation of mini Ipad with retina display. This year’s nominations was very competitive and each had their special unique accomplishments. All are well rounded scholars. I wish that I could include more of them into the finalists group. That said, I wish to congratulate these fine students, their parents, families and friends.

The Awards banquet will be on June 22, 6 pm at the Hyatt Regency Guam ballroom. The keynote speaker will be Pollara Cobb, who is a current NCAA Athlete at Emory University, a graduate of John F. Kennedy High school Guam, and a winner of the Female Shieh Su Ying Scholar Athlete of the Year 2010. This year’s awards banquet will be a little different from previous years with a more intimidate setting with the scholar athletes. All previous scholar athlete finalists are welcome to attend, they just need to email me at

Thank you!


Thomas Shieh, MD, FACOG
Board Certified Fellow

Press Release Shieh Su Ying Scholar Athletes Finalist 2014

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