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By Robert Balajadia                            (photo courtesy of John Balbin)

On June 28th, five members of the Guam 2014 National Fitness Team will venture off to Honolulu to compete in the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships under the coaching of Tony Morrison and management of Steve Oshiro.

The five competitors along with what they will be competing in are as follows:

  • Kevin Leon Geurrero – Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Ayesha Barcinas – Physique Competitor
  • Joice Tevid – Figure Competitor
  • Kisha Onedera – Bikini Competitor
  • MaryAnn Morrison – Figure Competitor

Four of the five competitors have had a taste of off-island competition, though coach Morrison would still consider all five rookies to off-island tournament competition as the groups focus to finish on top is first priority as apposed to just being there for the experience.

“For their first off-island contest, they when into it individually with the attitude to ‘experience’ it. Now with me at the helm of the National Team, they are expected to win, at worst case qualify for a ‘National Level’ contest,” said Morrison of the five athletes.

Although, the local bodybuilding championships has helped give the group a better understanding of what to expect by the national federation after undergoing examination from the Guam National Physique Federeation.

“It has given them the knowledge and experience,” added Morrison.

The training regiment for this group consists of weights four to five times a week with some form of cardio workout on the daily, or twice a day even.

“Each athlete is different and requires a little difference in training and diet depending on their personal needs and progress and respective category/division.”

Being in top physical shape is one thing, but competing to be in an elite group of fitness athletes takes more drive, dedication, and discipline. Aside from the “selfie” warriors who workout to appear good on social media, the fitness athletes who are competing in Hawaii find the drive to compete for plenty of other reasons.


“These athletes usually start with the desire to get into elite physical shape, and in the process they see their bodies transform and that alone inspires them to get on stage to compete. After that experience competing on stage, the ones that have exceeded their expectation usually strive to compete in higher level contests,” explained Morrison on where their desire to compete comes from.

It doesn’t take a scientist to notice how fit the group of athletes are, but winning the competition does come down to a science meaning the slightest change in pose or muscle tone could change the outcome. Morrison has had a steady hand in preparing them for the road ahead while certainly holding the group to high standards.

GSPN wishes all five fitness athletes the best of luck in their quest to bring home hardware from the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championships.


2014 Guam National Fitness Team Logo

MaryAnn Morrison - Figure Competitor

MaryAnn Morrison – Figure Competitor (photo by Robert Balajadia)

Kevin Leon Guerrero - Bodybuilding Competitor

Kevin Leon Guerrero – Bodybuilding Competitor (photo by Robert Balajadia)

Kisha Onedera - Bikini Competitor

Kisha Onedera – Bikini Competitor (photo by Robert Balajadia)

Ayesha Barcinas - Physique Competitor

Ayesha Barcinas – Physique Competitor (photo by Robert Balajadia)

Joice Tevid - Figure Competitor

Joice Tevid – Figure Competitor (photo by Robert Balajadia)

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