Asian Open gold and silver medalist Erik Flores shares with GSPN his thoughts on winning gold in the region’s top jiu jitsu tournament.

By Erik Floreserik2

With all the competition that I have experienced over the weekend, it was more the comradere shared with family and new friendships forged in battle.

What a place – Nagoya.

With such rich history where Ieyasu Tokugawa unified the country and commissioned Kato Kiyomasa to design the fortifications around the castle – about the size of Leo Place. Giant stones relocated from west end of Hiroshima.

Like the Nagoya Castle, the tournament unified all competitors from all over the world and built us stronger and better than before.

My actions on the mat will speak for me and wonderful people that we have interacted with through out our stay in Nagoya should be experienced by all.

The Art of Jiu Jitsu as well is one that all can do. It teaches the individual many important skills in life. It opens you up as a person to help you become the best that you can be.

I would like to thank Vida Jiu Jitsu and Vanessa Cabe for the great planning and organization. Joey Leon Guerrero for the Beautiful Moya “Lost at Sea” Gi. Rick Catindig/ Ceelos Nededog “Guahan Soldier” for the patches. The Carpet Store Guam for the funding. ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF GUAM THAT HELP OUT TEAM VIDA/ZENITH JIU JITSU! AND MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY AMY, MARGAUX, AND JAGGY BOY


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