UOG-GSPN-Banner-300x300-2014It’s been an up-and-down year for Frank ‘The Crank’ Camacho’s MMA career and he’d like to end it on a high note.

There’s no other way of doing it than winning on his own soil as he fights in Saipan Friday night for the first time in seven years in Trench Warz 18. GSPN catches up with Frank ‘The Crank’ leading into his next fight against a Korean opponent.

GSPN: It’s been a while since fans have got to see you in the cage, how does it feel to officially be back in action, and more importantly, in front of your home crowd?

‘The Crank’: It feels amazing to be back in action! The past few months have been a journey for me. I got to exercise the other part of being a martial artist. Learning how to be patient, disciplined and focused at the task at hand. After my injury in June it’s been a great road back to the cage. I have an amazing team (Ryan & Paul Claros Gof Metgot Custom Fitness | Dr. Gregory Miller | Purebred | Spike22 | Pika’s Cafe | Isla Energy | Fokai Industries and many more)  that was able to get me back to 110% and ready to rock for my next upcoming bout on Dec 12th. Fighting in front of my home island in over seven years is AMAZING! Words cannot describe how I feel fighting back at my roots, where it all started! Trench Warz molded me into what I am, and I am truly honored to fight for my island once again this upcoming Dec 12th!

GSPN: How did accepting this fight come about?

‘The Crank’: I’m always in contact with Cuki, and for as long as I’ve been off island and training in the states, that has always been the talk, “When will The Crank fight in Saipan again?” The time has come! Cuki made the matchup with Korean up and comer Jae Woong Kim and its on!

GSPN: How much do you know about your opponent?

‘The Crank’: I know Jae Woong Kim comes from a ground and pound academy. I’ve seen footage of him and he is a very explosive wrester with good striking. He is very well rounded and fights in a tough mama circuit in South Korea!

Frank 'The Crank' CamachoGSPN: You’re a very exciting fighter to watch and you display new elements of your MMA game every time out. What’s new with “The Crank” this time around and what have you been working on in preparing for this fight?

‘The Crank’: Eii wow! Thank you for the kind words GSPN! 😉 lol. I am always working on learning new techniques and broaden my skill set of martial arts. Sharpening my striking, wrestling, & ground fighting to learning how i can incorporate fencing and knife fighting into the scheme of Mixed Martial Arts. I just implemented a new strength and conditioning program into my game that I’m excited for. The Claros brothers & Customfitness are molding me into an ATHLETE!

GSPN: You recently put out a video talking about violence and fighting in schools and have been part of anti-bullying campaigns around island. What can you say to those who are just standing by watching, and/or even recording?

‘The Crank’: If you are standing around, watching, or recording all this stuff and not making an effort to stop these stupid acts (telling an adult) you are just as guilty to the issue as the people partaking in the street fights and violence. STOP all this nonsense and work towards you goals in life! Have respect for yourselves, your family, and your island!

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