PRESS RELEASE – Jay Leon Guerrero found his groove late in the qualifying round, then turned it up a notch in the elimination rounds to seal his second monthly Budweiser King of the Lanes title for 2014. The 3rd seed eliminated second seed JD Castro in the semi-final round 232-180 then cruised against top seed Ray San Nicolas in the monthly finals where it was out of reach by the sixth frame as he continued to pour on the strikes for a 223-166 victory margin.

Top seed San Nicolas rolled through 7th seed Keith Guerrero in the semi-final round 208-172 to set up the monthly finals match up. In the quarterfinal rounds Guerrero bettered 10th seed Gregory Borja 189-172 while Leon Guerrero dropped 4th seed Timothy Nauta 205-189.

San Nicolas took over the top post eclipsing Castro’s strong start to beat out the latter 1273 to 1225 for pole position. Leon Guerrero was ten pins adrift for the bye positions with 1215 followed by Timothy Nauta 1174, Jim Pinaula 1168, Ricky Duenas 1161, Keith Guerrero 1154, Charlie “Mama Char” Catbagan 1127, Mike Baleto 1112 and Gregory Borja’s 1111 rounded off the top ten who proceeded to the elimination rounds.

Shaun Avellana took advantage of numerous errors by top seed Jae Sang Lee to earn his first Budweiser Prince of the Lanes title in 2014 148+28 to 126+32. In the semi-final match Lee disposed of 6th seed Cesar Villanueva racking up a 46 pin lead midway through the match to cruise with a 177+32 to 161+21 set. Avellana dumped a barrage of strikes on 2nd seed John Mercado to advance to the monthly finals on a 220+28 to 131+27 tally.

Lee posted top honors in the qualifying round held earlier in the day with a 1205 six games series inclusive of 192 pins of handicap. Mercado followed suit with 1187 (162 handicap), Avellana 1168 (168), Jeremiah Camacho 1157 (126), Bal Perez 1128 (108), Villanueva 1124 (126), Amber San Nicolas 1117 (192), Josh George 1107 (150), Mike Wong 1101 (180) and Leody Ersando’s 1100 (102) rounded off the top ten.

The next Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes will be held on Sunday, April 27, 2014, 11:00 a.m. at Central Lanes.

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