By Robert Balajadia

Most 6-year-old boys aren’t too concerned about excelling in a sport. That much can be said about young Talon Muna-Quinata, but he is on the fast track to excelling in golf and he is just having fun along the way.

Talon is currently tied for third place in the Future Golf Champions International Junior Golf Championship in San Diego through Thursday with the Tournament concluding on Friday, July 11th.

“I immediately called my wife and told her ‘honey, we might have a Tiger on our hands’ but his name is ‘Talon,'” stated Talon’s father Derrick Muna-Quinata.

Talon Muna Quinata posing with other tournament participants. (courtesy photo)

Talon Muna Quinata posing with other tournament participants. (courtesy photo)

Sure Talon would love to win, but it doesn’t appear to be stressing the young golf star despite only having recently getting into the sport just five months ago. Besides, he has someone to stress for him.

“I think I am carrying all the stress!,” stated Talon’s father Derrick. “Talon was very comfortable on the course today especially with the people he was playing with. He is having so much fun at the moment.”

This tournament features the best junior golfers six years and younger so Talon is up against stiff competition, but there seems to be a greater incentive on Talon’s mind than winning a trophy.

“Dad, if I do good can I take me to Legoland?,” asked Talon to his already proud father.

“For his first major tournament this is a major accomplishment and if he continues at this level, he can become a world class golfer. Just watching him swing that club no matter what he shoots, I am very proud of him. ”

GSPN will continue to keep tabs on Talon as the tournament approaches its end, and you can be sure a trip to Legoland lies somewhere in his immediate future!

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