Sharrows will be painted along Tumon and toward the Micronesia Mall starting Saturday morning.

“The Sharrows will make drivers more aware that cyclist are on the roads of Guam,” as posted on the Guam Triathlon Federation page.

According to the post, the project has been a grassroots project and the Ibike and Guam Cycling Federation need help painting the Sharrows on the right hand lanes.

If you are interested to volunteer, call Tom Renfro at 637-0714. Or email Matt Ellis at

Here are the details:
Show time: 6:30 am. (April 5th)
Go Time: 7 am at Ypao Beach Park across from Proa.

Motorists are advised to take precaution in these areas Saturday morning.

The name sharrow was coined by Oliver Gajda, of the City and County of San Francisco Bicycle Program, and is a portmanteau of share and arrow, according to Wikipedia.

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