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By Robert Balajadia

Jon Tuck was already the first UFC fighter to come out of Guam, but on Saturday night (Sunday morning on Guam) Tuck became the first ever Guamanian to finish an opponent in the UFC despite not one TV personnel being able to pronounce his nickname right.

Tuck, rocking the goldish yellow hair in honor of his Super Saiyan (pronounced Say-yin) nickname, defeated opponent Jake Lindsey 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the 3rd round after delivering heel kicks to the ribs of Lindsey that forced the UFC newcomer to verbally submit. Lindsey was riding a 9-0 win streak heading into the fight, but Tuck dominated every aspect from start to finish.

Tuck put on display a new striking game and tagged Lindsey with a few jabs and some overhand rights in the first round. Tuck was then able to drag Lindsey to the ground and landed vicious elbows that appeared to have Lindsey in trouble, but Lindsey escapes back to their feet.

Tuck then took down Lindsey again and tried to work for better positioning before referee Raul Poratta quickly stood both fighters up. UFC commentator Kenny Florian even openly admitted the stand up was too quick amidst the stadium full of “boos.” Lindsey responded by getting Tuck in a clinch that scored his some points.

Jon Tuck takes the back of Jake Lindsey in the 3rd round of their UFC fight in Albuquerque.

Jon Tuck takes the back of Jake Lindsey in the 3rd round of their UFC fight in Albuquerque.

Lindsey had a better 2nd round landing body shots on Tuck early that appeared to have the Guamanian breathing heaver in the round. Tuck managed to score a takedown followed up by some of his own body shots on Lindsey as both fighters took the slow approach in the round.

Tuck started the 3rd round much like the 1st, hitting Lindsey with a powerful right hand which ultimately set up another takedown. Tuck then went to work on Lindsey flatting him out and making great transitions eventually taking Lindsey’s back where he was able to land heel kicks to the ribs that forced Lindsey to verbally submit due to Tuck having a strangle hold on his arms.

Tuck improves to 2-1 in the UFC and 8-1 all time.

Tuck was even trending worldwide via @UFC on Twitter!


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