The 2015 Table Tennis Islandwide Asian Friendship concluded over the weekend. Check out the results and winners from the tourney along with a video recap from GSPN’s Kyle Twardowski!

Singles – Advance Level

Cyrus Tolentino [Philippines] (Champion)
Marc Diazon [Philippines] (1st Runner up)
Gabriel Certeza [Guam] (2nd Runner up)

Although, Michael Hyatt (Jamaican Olympian) defeated everyone. All his matches were for exhibition only.

Singles – Intermediate’s Event

Grace Bubongan [Philippines] (Champion)
Norby Ocampo [Guam] (1st Runner up)
Ferdinand Martinez [Guam] (2nd Runner up)

Singles – Beginner’s Event

Julie Jasmin [Guam] (Champion)
Enqi Yang [Guam] (1st Runner up)
Albert Evangelista [Guam] (2nd Runner up)

Since we there were only 6 players for Beginners, we just did a round-robin format and who ever ranked 1, 2 and 3 will be the gold, silver and bronze.

For the team event, there was a total of 8 teams with 3 players per team.

Team Event

Cyrus Tolentino, Tony Huang and Veronica Lee (Champion)
Lerny Abayon, Francisco “Frank” Candaso and Norby Ocampo (Runner up)

[youtube id=”d5QLbCRzsfk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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