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Zach Banner, the half Chamorro offensive lineman for the USC Trojans, draped a Guam flag around his shoulders in their win 55-6 win over Arkansas State in honor of his grandfather who passed away on Guam this past summer.

On his Instagram account following the 8th-ranked Trojans’s big win, Banner wrote:

“Yesterday walking into our stadium, I teared up before the game thinking to myself that this will be the first game at USC that my grandfather misses because he passed away a couple of months ago. So in his tribute, I threw the Guam flag over my shoulder after the game, and after battling my ass off in his name and our family name, I had represented the Island of Guam for the first time on the National Stage at USC. I will continue to play for not only my family, but for the island of Guam and my Chamorro people. I love you guys! #FOE #ChamorroPride

Banner was on Guam for his grandfather’s funeral but wanted to keep the visit low key and in respect of his loss. He is the son of former NFL star lineman Lincoln Kennedy.

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