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The month of October belonged to the GW Geckos girls volleyball team.

After winning the girls title for the second straight year by defeating the ND Royals in the championships game, GSPN and the National Guard were pleased to award the team of the month to the purple and gold.

It was the 13th title for Gecko head coach Bobbi Quinata and presenting the award was Lieutenant Colonel Ester Aguigui, who had a lasting history with Quinata as a member of the Gecko family.

“We’re all still celebrating,” said Geckos Sia Duenas, who was also awarded the GSPN player of the game in the championship game.

Get the full broadcast of the award here: National Guard Team of the Month October

Relive the Geckos second straight title here: Geckos Retain Volleyball Glory

GW Girls Roster

Sia Duenas
Samyra Duenas
Jasmine Almoguera
Colleen Quinata
Samantha Quinata
Ana Aguon
Bila Aguon
Jaelene Leon Guerrero
Callia Concepcion
Shai-Ann Trinidad
Mikayla Castro
Johnia Siguenza
Jojo Cruz

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