By Robert Balajadia

Monday marked just the third to last meeting for the team managers of the Guam National Youth Football Federation with the season spearheading for an August 22-23 start. With Triple J sponsoring the league, they are also donating a truck that will be decorated in GNYFF decal for the use of the league, which they will unveil Wednesday evening (August 5th).

The league will be welcoming two new teams to the league with the Southside 49ers and Northern Packers joining the mix.

The seven teams from last year are all returning, except for the Falcons, which include the three-time 2014 champion Hal’s Angels, 2014 Metgot division champion Southern Cowboys, Yigo Jets, Cinnabon Saints, The Raiders, Island Eagles, and Guam Giants.

GSPN will be visiting each team before the start of the season to check in on how they’ve been preparing the possibly GNYFF’s biggest season yet.

2014 Champions from the four different divisions:

Mandikiki – Hal’s Angels
Manha – Hal’s Angels
Metgot – Cowboys
Matua – Hal’s Angels

Here are some of the highlights from the managers meeting Monday:

– Games will begin at normal times for each division. Mandikiki (9 am), Manha (10 am), Metgot (12 pm), Matua (2 pm)

– Weigh ins for the divisions will be on August 19th-20th

– The top 6 teams after nine weeks of play will make it into the playoffs with 3 bottom teams getting cut. Seeding will determine playoff matchups.

– Coaches must be certified to step on field and last coaches clinic will be on August 15th starting at 9 am. Coaching certificate good for two years.

– The Mandikiki division will now incorporate fumbles on dropped balls. Former rule was play was dead on a dropped ball. Reason for change was to make the game more exciting with less stoppage time.

Check out the tentative schedule for the games here: *Note – venues are subject to change but NOT opponent


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