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By Robert Balajadia

Over 40 competitors came in bronze and only a few left in gold.

The 2015 National Body Building Championships rocked the Leo Palace resort like always during their annual event, even though a traffic accident forced many to go through Pulanta to get to the resort.

Stealing the show on the evening was Bikini Overall winner Rhea Macaluso, Guam’s avid 5k top finisher. This was Macaluso’s first year competing and her loud fanbase made it an event worth remembering.

It was also a big night for Dan Munoz, taking top honors as the male overall finisher along with Kelly Burger in the women’s.

Check out the results from the evenings different events and categories.

Men’s Heavy Division
3rd Dexter Roberson
2nd Michael Dui
1st Dan Munoz

Men’s Overall
3rd Michael Dui
2nd Derrick Cudi
1st Dan Munoz

Men’s Masters Division
3rd Nobuaki Kokura
2nd Mitsuro Kato
1st Heime Rodriguez

Women’s International Physique
3rd Ava Ramos
2nd Miyuki Miyata
1st Miyuki Sato

Womens Body Fitness Short
3rd Alanica Reyes
2nd Shalane Chaco
1st Ariel Johnson

Womens Short International
3rd Tomako Kikuchi
2nd Ariel Johnson
1st Mahiko Kareko

Womens Tall National
2nd Joan Leisure
1st Kelly Berger


Dan Munoz was a hard body to beat with his overwhelming physique. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)

Men’s International Physique
3rd Ross Manglona
2nd Ronnell Moleja
1st Jason Davis

Men’s Physique Middle Class
3rd Christopher Santos
2nd Francisco Kota
1st Justin Southichack

Men’s Physique Tall
3rd Rob Nugent
2nd Oscar Para
1st Jonathan Muth

Womens Bikini international Short
3rd Laura Wilson
2nd Akiko Akimoto
1st Rhea Macaluso

Womens Bikini Tall
3rd Tiara Lizama
2nd Tikako Shina
1st Taia Southichack

Overall Champion National Female
Kelly Berger

Overall Champion National Male
Dan Munoz

Overall Champion Female International
Mahiko Kareko

Overall Champion Men’s International
Heime Rodriguez

Overall Women’s Winner
Miyuki Sato

Overall Physique Winner
Justin Southichack

Overall International Bikini
Rhea Macaluso


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Japan’s Miyuki Sato took top honors as the Women’s Overall. (photo by Richard Camacho)


Four heavy veterans take the stage for a final pose. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Winner Tara Salvicheck (middle) takes center stage. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Rhea Macaluso headed home with some heavy hardware, winning the Overall Bikini division. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Local favorite Tiara Lizama finished 3rd place in the Tall Bikini Division. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Men’s Physique Winner Justin Salvicheck poses with his trophies. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Heime Rodriguez with the award winning pose. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Kelly Burger was awarded the first Overall Women’s National award of the evening. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Mahiko Kareko ran unopposed in the International Overall. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)


Crowd favorite Ariel Johnson earned a 1st and 2nd place in her two divisions. (photo by Richard Camacho IV)

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