A little over a month away from UFC Manila on May 16, Jon ‘The Heat’ Delos Reyes (7-4, 0-2 UFC) gives GSPN an update on his preparations so far.

GSPN:  What’s been different for this fight?

JDR: For this fight, what’s different is just the overall mindset. My first fight in the UFC (vs. Dustin Kimura, Jan 2014), I felt as though I was auditioning for the part. The “UFC first fight jitters” are real… I was anxious in Signapore all the way up to when I dropped my opponent. For this fight, I have focused more on my mental game. I now know what to expect. I trust my coaches and believe in my teammates that they will prepare me enough for the battle on May 16th.  I’m excited!

GSPN: What’s the same?

JDR: I believe that without my coaches (on Guam and Las Vegas) I would not be here today. I still train under Sonny Nohara at SONOBJJ in Las Vegas; and, will be wrapping up my camp back home with coach Sonny Chargualaf and “Papi” at Countershot Kickboxing.

GSPN: Any added pressure to win?

Jon Delos Reyes has received local support, including GSPN, since his first UFC fight in 2014. (GSPN photo)

Jon Delos Reyes has received local support, including GSPN, since his first UFC fight in 2014. (GSPN photo)

JDR: There is always some pressure to win when fighting in the UFC. No one wants to under perform in front of their friends and family…but I am not letting it bother me. The pressure is actually keeping me focused on what’s at hand. I know that I cannot lose this fight; and that is what’s keeping me hungry and determined to train hard everyday. I do my best to win this fight for my family, team and my island.

GSPN: Anything on your mind in particular for this fight?

JDR: I’m just focused on the fight. I’m excited to be fighting close to home. I know that there are a lot of Guam fans who will be flying to watch the fight. That alone inspires me. Everyday I’m just fine tuning my game, while adding new aspects and evolving.

Thank you and GSPN as well for helping sponsor me in this upcoming fight and for the UFC Singapore event last.  GSPN has been very good to me and my team. That’s why I always try my best to have someone document my UFC events and have them send it to GSPN for coverage. Thank you for always believing me. GSPN is an asset to Guam.Stewart's

Before anything else, I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’d like to thank my Mom, Grandma, Jerald, Jeric and all my siblings. My girlfriend Nicole, who has been my pillar of strength.  Thank you as well to my Coaches Sonny Chargualaf, Sonny Nohara, Jason Joson. My managers Lloyd Cubacub and Jason House and everyone at Iridium Sports Agency.

Thank you to my sponsors: GSPN, Guam Visitor’s Bereau (GVB), DONGO, iFit Gym, Detail Unlimited, Sambazon Superfood Co., Heroes and Headkicks, Unbreakable Mouthpiece, Hayabusa, Chris Abulencia, CTRL Industries, Select Care.


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