PRESS RELEASE – Jay Leon Guerrero and Arlene Reyes triumphantly celebrated the first title of the year during the 2015 Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes. Leon Guerrero closed the final match stringing a much needed six bagger to offset a strong start by Ricky Duenas who opened the match with four strikes in a row. After the deck cleared, Leon Guerrero stood atop with a 238-229 victory.

Duenas scenic route to the finals included the elimination of top seed Tim Nauta 214-194 in the semi-final match, 6th seed JD Castro 179-168 in the quarters and 10th seed Frank Russo in the first elimination round. Leon Guerrero drubbed 3rd seed Keith Guerrero 201-173 in the semi final round to set up the finale. 

Nauta led all bowlers after six games of qualifying with a 1298 set followed by Leon Guerrero 1250, Guerrero1225, Jae Sang Lee 1217, Duenas 1216, Castro 1211, Ray San Nicolas 1176, Tagle 1151, Greg Borja 1144 and Russo’s 1144 rounded off the top ten.

Arlene Reyes took advantage of two pocket 7-10 mishaps by top seed Noah Taimanglo on route to a 164 to 149 decision. Taimanglo beat out Greg Esplana in the semi final round 222-189 while second seed Reyes rolled past 3rd seed Zayne Zamora 167-154 to set up the finals match.

Taimanglo set a furious start during the qualifying rounds with a six games set of 1335 including 96 pins of handicap followed by Reyes 1217 (114 handicap), Zamora 1188 (96), Ryan Flores 1185 (240), Mike Gumataotao 1164 (108), Greg Esplana 1164 (144), Leody Ersando 1155 (90), Ken Duenas 1153 (84), Bal Perez 1150 (72) and Von Apuya’s 1139 (174) rounded off the top ten.

The next Budweiser King and Prince of the Lanes monthly tournament will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2015, 11:00 a.m. at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.

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