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2015 Monster Energy Fiesta Series Rd3

Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day Motocross 2

This past Sunday, Guam’s motocross racers were once again tearing up the dirt in the gorgeous southern village of Umatac. For the second Sunday in a row Guam’s motocross racers and fans have been participating in this year’s Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day festivities just across the road from the Umatac Mayors office and this year’s carnival concessions. The motocross course was built alongside the Umatac Bridge where normally a carabao is often seen grazing and cooling off in the mud.

Fans were once again treated to tight bar banging racing as the action kicked off at just after lunch and lasted all afternoon. With cool breezes and clear skies it was a perfect day to spend down in Umatac. At the end of the day shortly after the motocross awards were presented by Mayor Johnny Quinata and his staff many of the racers and supporters cooled off to another beautiful Umatac Bay sunset and to Guam’s famous island hospitality.

65cc podium 1st Deven Encina, 2nd Casey Gallagher, 3rd Gavin Whitt. (courtesy photo)

65cc podium 1st Deven Encina, 2nd Casey Gallagher, 3rd Gavin Whitt. (courtesy photo)

High Lights and results

In the Open Motorcycle class #1 JR Cepeda aboard the Cycles Plus Kawasaki took the win but not before being pressured and challenged at times by Honda mounted #711 Nic Yasuhiro. For the entire 20 lap main event the two riders of Cepeda and Yasuhiro led the rest of a field of seventeen open class riders in route to a first and second place finish respectively. Taking third was #57 Kim Aiken on his Metal Gods adorned Kawasaki with #75 Jeff Rios on an Autoworks supported Yamaha in fourth and with #100 Steve Turo on his Kawasaki rounding out the top five. The rest of the field finished as follows.

6th #89 Bobby Benson Honda

7th #4 Nolan Minor Yamaha

8th #318 Rudy King Yamaha

9th #5 Shawn Aguilo Kawasaki

10th #19 Zachary Chang Honda

11th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki

12th #8 Peter Aguon Kawasaki

13th #11 Brady Kruize Suzuki

14th #768 James Gallagher Yamaha

15th #38 Jesse Pangelinan Kawasaki

16th #28 Brad Gomez Kawasaki

17th #332 Zadrian Tallada Yamaha

In the Open Atv class #1 Robert Bucek aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki was able to fend off the very fast #83 of Daniel Champion on his Suzuki to take the win. Champion took a strong second with #11 John Gilman on his Yamaha in third, Kawasaki mounted #15 Albert Garlit in fourth, and with Honda mounted #5 Jason Faculu rounding out the top five.

In the Kids Open Minibike class #88 Ry’niko Camacho on his Yamaha once again swept his heats to take the win. Taking second was Cycles Plus Kawasaki rider Stoney Bucek followed by a very fast #75 Owen Rios on the Autoworks supported Kawasaki. #12 Yuna Song placed fourth on her Honda with younger brother Sasha Song taking fifth also aboard a Honda. Rounding out the rest of Sundays Open Minibike field were

#76 Deven Encina in route to the 65cc win. (courtesy photo)

#76 Deven Encina in route to the 65cc win. (courtesy photo)

6th #94 Jessthan Pano Kawasaki

7th #5 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki

8th #111 Blaze Aiken Honda

9th #34 Caleb Encina Kawasaki

The action was wild in the 65cc Kids Minibike class as #76 Deven Encina and #31 Robert Encina battled it out for the lead early on. The two young guns were cause for much excitement as they raced around the Umatac course. Unfortunately midway into a ten lap heat #31 Robert Encina hit the ground hard and was forced to retire slightly bruised. This left Deven Encina an easy road to the victory with #4 Damian Manibusan taking second and Casey Gallagher placing third and with the rest of the field finishing as follows

4th #25 Lawrence Limtiaco Kawasaki

5th #20 Gavin Whitt Kawasaki

6th #7 Averi Gallagher Kawasaki

7th #11 Ana Aguon Suzuki

More results

50cc Minibike

1st #31 Richard Wenden Yamaha

2nd #M Mariana Wenden Yamaha

Kids Mini Atv

1st #4 Valance Minor Yamaha

2nd #06 Wyett Santos Drx

3rd #18 Tashaun Sablan Yamaha

4th #6 Zion Manibusan Honda

150cc Minibike

1st #12 Yuna Song Honda

2nd #1 Sasha Song Honda

3rd #111 Blaze Aiken Honda

85cc Minibike

1st #8 Ryniko Camacho Yamaha

2nd #2 Stoney Bucek Kawasaki

3rd #75 Owen Rios Kawasaki

4th #94 Jessthan Pano Kawasaki

5th #5 Jordan Leon Guerrero Kawasaki

6th #34 Caleb Encina Kawasaki

450cc Motorcycle

1st #711 Nic Yasuhiro Honda

2nd #75 Jeff Rios Yamaha

3rd #5 Shawn Aguilo Kawasaki

4th #19 Zachary Chang Honda

5th #768 James Gallagher Yamaha

6th #38 Jesse Pangelinan Kawasaki

7th #332 Zadrian Tallada Yamaha

250cc Motorcycle

1st #1 JR Cepeda Kawasaki

2nd #8 Kim Aiken Kawasaki

3rd #100 Steve Turo Kawasaki

4th #89 Bobby Benson Honda

5th #4 Nolan Minor Yamaha

6th #318 Rudy King Yamaha

7th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki

8th #8 Peter Aguon Kawasaki

9th #11 Brady Kruize Suzuki

10th #28 Brad Gomez Kawasaki

Vet Over 40 Motorcycle

1st #57 Kim Aiken Kawasaki

2nd #75 Jeff Rios Yamaha

3rd #100 Steve Turo Kawasaki

4th #83 Ceasar Whitt Kawasaki

5th #8 Peter Aguon Kawasaki

6th #768 James Gallagher Yamaha

7th #38 Jesse Pangelinan Kawasaki

Up next for Guam’s motocross racers and fans will be the kick off of the Monster Energy 2015 Guam Motocross Championships this coming Sunday March 15th at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. Special thanks to all that made this year’s Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day Motocross events such a success- Rocky Mountain Precast, Encina Trucking, Jeff Rios, track builder Kim “the Rocker” Aiken, Gene Morrison, DPW, Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata and the staff for their support in preparing the race course!

Also thank you to all the people of Umatac and to all the 2015 Fiesta Motocross sponsors- Monster Energy, Cycles Plus Kawasaki, Guam Home Center, Phillips and Sons, Pacific Trucking Guam, Flamingo, TPI, Cycles Plus Honda, Smithbridge and Haw’n Rock Products, and to all the GIRMAC volunteers.

50cc kids enjoying the hard earned Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day Motocross trophies. (courtesy photo)

50cc kids enjoying the hard earned Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day Motocross trophies. (courtesy photo)

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