By Jay Leon Guerrero

The Guam National Sport Shooting Federation (GNSSF) will be making its inaugural appearance to the Pacific Games with 10 athletes participating in two separate events. The Federation sent a squad in 2013 to the East Asian Games and this will be their second national event with the team is eager to see how much progress they have made since.

Here is the final roster submitted:

(photo by Kyle Twardowski)

Maria Cenzon will bring a wealth of experience to a young shooters team. (photo by Kyle Twardowski)

Shotgun team:
(Double Barrel, Point Score and Single Barrel):
-Erika Camacho
-Daena Mansapit
-Adrian Mora
-Luis Paulino
-Richard Paulino Jr.

Airpistol Team:
10m Men’s
-Valentino Perez
-Ricardo Duenas

10m Women’s
-Maria Cenzon
-Hope Delos Reyes
-Amalia Duenas

Richard Paulino – Shotgun Coach

Maria Cenzon will bring her experience in the air pistol competition as she bring a young squad of prospects to PNG. “This whole team has come a long way since we had tryouts in the beginning of the year,” said Cenzon.

The entire team will travel together on Saturday and the air pistol team will start their competition on July 6th. “The women play first at 9am and the men compete at 10am on the 6th, the shotgun team will compete three days after us.”

“I’m really excited for this team, this is probably my last competition and I plan on coaching for future events. We have a very young team, besides myself and Valentino (Perez); all of our members are just teenagers for the air pistol competition,” said Cenzon.

Brother-Sister teammates going to the Games are 17-year-old Amalia and 15-year-old Ricardo Duenas. Naturally, both are nervous about competing in their first event but the siblings are also honored to compete for Guam.

“It’s going to be a really different experience, I never been off-island for a competition before,” said Ricardo Duenas. The air pistol team practices in a rented room with high tech equipment at the Leo Palace Resort.

The pistol shooters take aim during practice at Leo Palace. (photo by Kyle Twardowski)

The pistol shooting siblings in Ricardo and Amalia Duenas take aim during practice at Leo Palace. (photo by Kyle Twardowski)

“I’m excited to represent Guam and I’m just going to do my best to make sure Guam is well represented,” said Amalia Duenas. “It’s been pretty stressful with all the work that we’ve put into practice but I feel that we are getting there.”

The shotgun team also has a mix of youth and experience on their roster as well. Ricky Paulino, who recently turned 18, said that he can’t wait to represent Guam. “I’m pretty excited to go, my coach has been pushing me to do my best,” said Paulino.

The shotgun team will have extra practice days, but the team will cheer on the air pistol team who will compete first. The team is coached by Ricky’s father, Richard Paulino.

According to Ricky Paulino, he said their short term goals are to have fun, learn and compete for medals at the Pacific Games. GNSSF is still on its infancy stage but intends to grow fast. “We really want to make a name for ourselves and compete in other future events,” said Ricky Paulino.

The team looks to build a solid foundation with exposing their youth to competition to build on the future. According to Cenzon, their contingent has a lot of potential and this is just the beginning. The group has solid leadership and will be guided by President Ralph Sgambelluri. The team leaves on Saturday for the games, log on to GSPN for photos and updates.


(photo by Kyle Twardowski)

(photo by Kyle Twardowski)

(photo by Kyle Twardowski)

(photo by Kyle Twardowski)

The pistol shooters take aim during practice at Leo Palace. (photo by Kyle Twardowski)

The pistol shooters take aim during practice at Leo Palace. (photo by Kyle Twardowski)

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