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By Robert Balajadia

The biggest win streak in girls middle school sports on Guam was taken down by the one of the smallest winners on the court.

What St. Anthony Raider Kirsten Silva lacks in size she makes up for with big game ability. Silva took control, scoring 16 points for the Raiders in their 35-21 win over the Bishop Obispos, snapping a 26-game win streak that dates over two full seasons.

“I feel really proud of my team tonight because Bishop is a really good team. I’m really satisfied from our win tonight. [Bishops] defense was really good tonight, but I did notice that they weren’t really protecting the inside so I just attacked,” said Silva on the night.

With a close score after the first quarter, Silva and the Raiders shook off the early game jitters and continued to find the holes in the Obispo defense. Silva scored six points in the first half to anchor the Raiders offense to take a 14-7 lead, but she turned it on in the second half where she netted the other 10.

Kirsten, the younger sibling of former 2013 IIAAG boys high school MVP Kurtis Silva, admitted to letting her nerves get to here, especially when big brother is in the building.

“[Kurtis] and my Dad actually make me really nervous,” admitted Kirsten on her big bro. “I always feel like I have to do my best whenever they are watching.”

Regardless, Silva calmed down and converted two layups in traffic in the 3rd quarter and sank five three throws in the final period to officially snip the Obispo game-winning streak.

For the Obispos, Mary Roberto led the squad in scoring 15 points in the loss. Raider Monica Giger scored six points and collected 14 rebounds along with four blocks.

Saint Anthony Raider Kirsten Silva scored 16 points to lead her team to victory, earning Wendy's play of the Game honors.

Saint Anthony Raider Kirsten Silva scored 16 points to lead her team to victory, earning Wendy’s play of the Game honors.


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Raider Monica Giger attempts to drive to the basket. (photo by Robert Balajadia)


Raiders Ivory Howat gets past the defense for a shot attempt. (photo by Robert Balajadia)


Lauren Philips of the Obispos takes it to the rim on a break. (photo by Robert Balajadia)


Obispos leading scorer Mary Roberto finds room to work as she drives to the basket. (photo by Robert Balajadia)


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