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PRESS RELEASE – The re-opening of the Tamuning Gym takes place Saturday and rest assured everyone who pays a visit will take a second look at its transformation.

What was once labeled “a ghetto gym” no longer exists. The new and improved look will have the village of Tamuning beaming with pride as the gym doors welcome its 30-plus teams for opening game day in the 2015 Thanksgiving HoopFest Youth Basketball Tournament presented by Aloha Maid Juices. Tipoff  is scheduled for 12 pm in the 12-and-under division.

“The annual maintenance of Tamuning Gym would not be possible without the help of GuamBasketball.com, Shirley’s League, gym staff and an individual angel who care,” stated Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera. She goes on to add that they recognized the needs of the gym and as a community made it happen.

“The contributions they have made towards improving the gym will be appreciated by youth and adults,” said Mayor Rivera.

According to Mayor Rivera it was the Shirley’s League that donated the used bleachers and GuamBasketball.com that completed gym repairs and repainted the court.

She emphasizes the importance of maintaining the gym in order to support its activities all year round. “The goal is to get the facility fully functional to keep its physical fitness programs running that benefit the community,” said Mayor Rivera.

The 'before' photo of the Tamuning gym renovation. (photo by guambasketball.com)

The ‘before’ photo of the Tamuning gym renovation. (photo by guambasketball.com)

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